o.gif (1017 bytes)nCmd has taken the original xBase language metaphor and extended it dramatically.  Many extensions (such as user defined object oriented classes, multi-threading, dynamic object pools, ODBC & SQL, BLOB, GUI objects, Multimedia, compression, encryption, and TCP/IP) eliminate the requirement to search for and buy third party add-ons to produce advanced business applications.

     Message passing and DLL support provides an efficient mechanism to extend your application beyond any language constraints. DDE support provides an effective link to existing applications like spreadsheets and word processors.

     The Visual tools allow even a novice to create an instant application. However, power programmers are the primary users of OnCmd, allowing you instant compilation and testing with interactive source debugging of your complex applications.



over 500 commands + functions
Compatibility (Clipper/Fox/dBase) High
Documentation 800 pages + online ref + sample applications
Support Internet/Compuserve/Port Assistance
Robustness & Performance Extensive history in demanding networks



Index tags Yes (and user defined index expressions, eg. soundex)
Index compression Yes - reduces disk requirements, improves speed
multi-user support Extensive
Index server Optional - reduces network traffic, increase number of shared tables
BLOB (Binary Large Object) Yes
Database mirroring Yes
DB2 connectivity Yes
ODBC connectivity Yes
Lotus Notes connectivity Yes (native on OS/2, ODBC on NT)


Spooler Yes
Multimedia Yes
Clipboard Cut & Paste Yes
RGB Colour Yes
Scrollable windows Yes
Compression / Decompression Yes
Encryption / Decryption Yes
Image (bmp, gif, tif, jpg, pcx, etc.) Yes - including transition display effects
Graphic primitives (lines,curves,...) Yes
Hint & flyout help Yes
Event-driven programming Yes


NT specific

Toolbars Yes
Sizeable browse columns Yes


OS/2 specific

Rexx support Yes
SOM client support Yes
OS/2 Pen Yes
ICSS Voice Input Yes
Drag & drop Yes


Client/Server Yes
Send/Receive Yes
Xevent Yes - asynchronous external events
TCP/IP Yes - direct access to Internet / Intranet

SOM client

Yes (OS/2)


Arrays multi-dimension, multi-typed, unlimited size
Character variables unlimited size
Variable Scoping public/private/local/static
Code blocks Yes - required for Clipper compatibility
Macro support Yes - for expression
Exception handlers (ON...) Yes- traps GUI events (eg. mouse/menu/...)
DLL support Yes - interface to other languages
Serial port control Yes - including scripting extensions
Compiler directives Yes - eg. #defines, #ifdef, etc.
Fox/Clipper compatibility library Yes - written in OnCmd


GUI (windows, fonts, colours) Yes
controls (buttons, listbox, etc Yes
Notebooks (Property Sheets in NT) Yes
Picture masked input fields Yes
Mouse support Yes
cached file & device IO Yes - eg. parsing, barcode, communications

Visual Tools

Visual source debugger Yes - full breakpoint
Database create/modify Yes
Screen painter/application generator Yes
Report writer Yes
Project manager Yes
Source code migration / error analysis Yes


     Note that all of the tools except the debugger were written in OnCmd, further demonstrating the power of the language.  The screen below shows the included visual screen painter and application generator in use. A complete running application can be generated, or just the code required for a complex data entry screen.

     The output of this utility is actual OnCmd xbase code which you can include in your applications as is, or after modifying.

Visual Screen Painter

Visual Screen Painter


Advantages Porting