o.gif (1017 bytes)nCmd implements a powerful integration to SQL and DB2. Not only can you embed raw SQL to fully exploit the capabilities of your server, but many xBase database commands are automatically mapped to their SQL equivalent where possible. This can eliminate or dramatically reduce the amount of programming required to port your xBase applications to take full advantage of your SQL server. And remember, you still retain your investment in the core business logic of your xBase applications.

 Even if your only application for xBase is to import and export data to/from DBF or even flat files, that OnCmd is your best choice with its instant develop cycle and powerful programming structures.

Both DBF and SQL technologies are industry standards. So why would you port your xBase application to use SQL? It is beyond the scope of this information to explain all the motivations and benefits of SQL and DB2 databases - you probably know much of this already. However, we will recap THE TOP TEN REASONS for porting your xBase applications to OnCmd.

10. Portability

Since servers like DB2 are available on every important operating system, your data can reside almost anywhere.

9. Scalability

Because of the above, your application has more headroom both for the CPU requirements of complex queries, and the terabytes of data storage available on high-end systems.

8. Extendibility

There’s a zillion(approximate count) software tools for query, reporting, data warehousing, development, etc. to enhance access to your data.

7. Enterprise Operability

Your data’s already in an SQL server like DB2. It’s the corporate standard!

6. Security

The best security implementations are available on high end servers like DB2.

5. Relational Objects

Get access to advanced objects and SQL access tools for data objects such as fingerprints, images, spatial data, and complex text.

4. Transaction Logic

DB2 and others offer you full two-phase commit and recovery logic for transaction integrity across one or more servers. This technology is also the foundation for support of database mirroring/replication and distributed database strategies for your data.

3. Supportability

Not only from the world’s largest corporations supporting and extending the SQL server, but your internal MIS staff (if applicable) are more and more in tune with support, access, and recovery related to the SQL and DB2 server.

2. Integrity

OnCmd can access and update your data “in place” - you don’t have to extract cursors to temporary files and compromise multi-user data integrity.

1. Conservation

Preserve the investment in your core business logic. Do you remember how long it took to debug, enhance, and tune your application?


1. maximum xBase compatibility requires the addition of an incrementing field in your SQL tables to simulate a DBF record number. Our provided utility to export your data will enable DB2 or Sybase to create the required field.
2. SQL has more data types than a DBF. OnCmd will automatically map these as appropriate.